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Every one want to do digital marketing for their product/brand. Last 7 Years we are doing this for various brands and products out there. If you dont know where and how to start marketing using internet, you can reach us.

Our Approach

We don't believe in templates/packages since we understand each of your need will be different and our approach should be according to that.


We all know the drill. With both competitors and potential customers constantly online, digital marketing is the only way to stay ahead. Technology and social platforms have made it easy to do so, and there seems to be no shortage of opportunities for engagement.
Here’s how 7EDGE’s digital marketing strategies help you lead the way:

Setting a Goal

Constantly you’re looking for ways to attract more customers, get more recognition or maybe to stay ahead of the competition. Whatever the case may be, starting with a solid goal in mind greatly increases your chances of success. This is where 7EDGE comes in. A lot of strategy and precision goes into our digital marketing to help your business prosper.

Creating a Marketing Funnel

Creating a Marketing Funnel

7EDGE helps businesses have an effective marketing funnel to not just get more leads, but also help turn leads into repeat buyers. The elements of a marketing funnel can seem a lot to put together, but they’re simple concepts when broken down by 7EDGE.

Developing a call-to-action

7EDGE helps business create a lot of calls-to-action (CTA), distribute them across its web presence and optimize them. So that it’s attention grabbing and help lead a potential customer further into its marketing funnel.

Creating an Effective Lead Magnet

7EDGE’s idea behind a lead magnet is to trade information. It will help use the information you gather to interact with a potential buyer more as they progress through your funnel. A lead magnet can be used alone or along with a CTA. This will also be used either within your marketing funnel or as a way to drive potential customers into your funnel.

Driving Traffic

In order to drive people into your marketing funnel, 7EDGE first builds a traffic on your website in more ways than one: quality content, keyword strategy, website optimization, social media.