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Store and process large volumes of data efficiently, using our high-performance processing frameworks.

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Frameworks that enable you to scale, store and process data at blazing speeds.

The need for high-speed and accurate big data analytics has given rise to several big data frameworks to deal with big data analytics workloads. However, working with various frameworks requires expertise.

We use our big data expertise to offer managed framework services that can help you uncover unknown correlations, hidden patterns and other valuable information from the data you receive using analytic tools in real-time to truly harness the power of big data.

Data Security

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Why Enterprises Choose Us for Big Data Analytic Frameworks?

Technology partnership

Our technology partnerships and experience working with different analytic tools and frameworks they provide enable us to provide better visualizations and analytics to you.

A Complete set of data solutions for all business needs

7edge big data analytic frameworks managed frameworks
Managed Frameworks

We help you set up as well as manage popular big data frameworks that help you easily and cost-effectively run applications to process large amounts of data.

7edge big data analytic frameworks elasticsearch

Our experts help you deploy, operate and scale Elasticsearch clusters to perform log analytics, application monitoring and more using web consoles. We also help you run Elasticsearch applications using open source APIs.

7edge big data analytic frameworks interactive data query
Interactive Data Query

We help you query massive volumes of data using standard SQL queries and analyze them within seconds without having to worry about managing data warehouses or clusters.

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