Real-Time Big Data

Obtain valuable insights from your continuous stream of data to make business decisions in real-time

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We enable you to obtain high-speed intelligent insights from your data

Enterprises have a need to use big data to take quick, real-time decisions. However, traditional batch analytical applications usually have slower response times, sometimes taking hours and days, which are good for complex and long-running analysis but not quick real-time judgement.

We deploy advanced analytic tools that help you process and analyze a continuously incoming stream of large data to obtain valuable insights so that you can turn more data into real-time and scalable business decisions.


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Why Businesses Choose Us for Real-Time Big Data Analytics?

Real-time processing

When we say real-time analytics, we mean nothing more than a sub-second latency. This is made possible owing to the technology tools we use to provide you our services.

Big-data capacity

We work with big data processing tools that can capture and store terabytes of incoming data from a variety of sources such as IT logs, financial transactions and social media feeds.

A service that automatically scales to manage your data without any ongoing administration

7edge real time big data analytics load real time data
Loading Real-Time Data

We help you easily capture, transform and load large volumes of continuously streaming data into cloud servers to enable almost real-time processing and analyzing.

7edge real time big data analytics build data analysis applications
Build Data Analysis Applications

We help you build your own applications that process and analyze large volumes of incoming data from various types of sources for your specific requirements.

7edge real time big data analytics process streaming data
Process Streaming Data

We help you use the right tools and technologies to easily process massive streams of data so that you gain valuable insights without the need for you to learn a new programming language or processing frameworks.

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