We help your DevOps team focus on developing scalable applications without having to worry about administering servers

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A platform that optimizes server spending and efficiency

Serverless computing lets you build and run applications without having to install, manage or scale servers, as you can run these applications on third-party backend services by paying only for compute time. This gives you a feeling of eliminating the necessity of a server for the application, thus helping you reap the benefits of reduced operational cost and complexity.

Our technology expertise and partnerships allow us to help you build serverless applications without you having to administer servers so that your developers can reclaim their time and energy to focus on developing their core product.

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Why Businesses Choose Us for Serverless Compute?

Technical Expertise

There are not many companies that have the technical expertise to implement serverless computing in your organization. However, we are one of those who have the expertise to provision, manage and scale the backend services in order to provide you a serverless experience.

Automate server functions and manage web, mobile apps, chatbots and IoT requests efficiently

7edge serverless compute data processing
Data Processing

We help you build a variety of data-processing systems that can process continuous streaming data in the form of files or simple data either for the purpose of transformation and storage or for the purposes of application activity tracking, metrics generation and transaction order processing among others.

7edge serverless compute web applications
Web Applications

We help you build powerful web applications that can run across multiple data centers with high configurations, and can automatically scale up or down, without having to worry about data center redundancy or requiring administrative efforts.

7edge serverless compute backends

We help you build powerful serverless backends to handle mobile, web, Internet of Things (IoT), and 3rd party API requests as well as chat bot requests.

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