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Minimize Application Downtime By Resolving Application Issues Faster

Your application plays a crucial role in your organization’s revenue and failure to perform well or be available when required can significantly hinder your business success. Monitoring its health and performance thus becomes important so that you know when the application or its related email systems, databases and operating systems are not performing properly.

We proactively monitor business applications and set up performance alerts to identify and fix problems to ensure minimum downtime as well as minimum impact to your business services and customers.

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Why Choose Us for Application Monitoring?

Custom solutions

We go beyond providing monitoring services for our clients. We also become their strategic partners and help them identify the solution best suited for their business needs.

Comprehensive monitoring

From the level of the software application to the level of database and associated operating system, we provide a complete evaluation and analysis of the entire application.

Check Your Application Performance Trends At A Glance

7edge application monitoring application monitoring
Application Monitoring

We monitor your application’s performance trends including page load time, application availability, response time, error rates and the servers running the application to identify problems and fix them.

7edge application monitoring database monitoring
Database Monitoring

Application database plays an important role in the application’s performance. We monitor your database and its performance to identify problems that are causing your application to slow down.

7edge application monitoring alert policies
Alert Policies

We help create and manage alert policies that enable you to set your own warnings and critical thresholds for applications, so that you stay on top of identifying and resolving problems quickly.

7edge application monitoring reports

We provide you detailed and customized reports that are intelligible and include everything from the application’s availability and performance to its host usage and scalability.

7edge application monitoring team collaboration
Team Collaboration

As part of our application monitoring and reporting services, we use advanced tools to promote collaboration among your DevOps teams for solving problems.

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