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Delivering Quality Software Faster By Eliminating Inconsistencies Between Environments

With application containers becoming popular due to their distinctive advantages over virtual machines, several cloud service providers have started offering different versions of Containers-as-a-Service (CaaS). However, handling the nitty gritties of container deployment and configuration is a challenge for several organizations.

Our experts help you containerize your applications and deploy the container platform on the infrastructure of your choice as well as get your team up and running with the containers in minimum duration and take care of the entire container platform for your business while your developers focus on their core competence.

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Why Businesses Choose Us for Containerization?

Technical expertise

We know that while containers have their advantages, they can increase the complexity as you will have to address challenges such as getting visibility into containers and managing configuration drift. Our experts help in reducing the complexities and adopting the containers faster.

Build, Ship, Test, And Deploy Apps Automatically, Securely And Portably

7edge containerization traditional app modernization
Traditional App Modernization

We help package your existing applications into containers to gain cloud portability, improve security and reduce costs without making any changes to the application code.

7edge containerization hybrid cloud
Hybrid Cloud

We not only help applications to be completely portable from one infrastructure to another but also help in speeding up the migration process to cloud while enabling a hybrid or a multi-cloud environment.

7edge containerization continuous integration continuous delivery ci cd
Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

We help you automate and accelerate application development pipelines while improving the productivity of developers and eliminating application conflicts.

7edge containerization optimizing infrastructure
Optimizing Infrastructure

We help you containerize your applications and run them side-by-side on the same servers thus improving workload density and reducing costs by improving utilization and consolidating infrastructure.

7edge containerization development streamlining
Development Streamlining

We make use of containers on the Docker platform to streamline development and deployment of software applications that are designed with the microservices architecture pattern.

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