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Stay prepared for high-traffic events and scheduled load changes

There may be days when your cloud servers experience heavy loads, be it due to high-traffic incidents or scheduled changes such as sales promotions. However, a significantly heavy load can hamper your application’s performance and even a small drop in performance may lead to loss of customers.

We use our managed services expertise to provide you tools to self-configure or configure autoscaling ourselves so that your cloud systems and applications perform optimally irrespective of the load.

Fault Tolerance

Lower Cost


Why Businesses Choose Us for Auto Scaling solutions?


Our experience in providing managed services over the cloud gives us unparalleled expertise in this field.

Maximize the benefits of Cloud by adding Auto Scale to your application infrastructure

7edge auto scaling managed infrastructure
Managed Infrastructure

Our managed cloud services consultants provide guidance and best practice recommendations to improve scalability, availability and security of the infrastructure during expected load changes and high-traffic incidents.

7edge auto scaling managed operations
Managed Operations

Our team of experts will take care of the routine maintenance, system administration, troubleshooting and performance optimization of your cloud systems during high-traffic events.

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