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Cloud Backup provides scalability for all your storage requirements

Data is absolutely crucial to your business. Your customer records, emails, invoices, documents - your business cannot run without them. Loss of such important data can spell a disaster to your business and hence needs to be backed up on a regular basis.

We provide cloud data protection solutions that are powerful and scalable, and can help you get back on your feet quickly in an event of data corruption or loss.


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Why Businesses Choose Us for Cloud Backup?

Custom Solutions

Different industries and organizations have different needs when it comes to data backup and retrieval. While some industries demand continuous data backup, others may need an incremental backup solution. We understand this need and provide recommendations and solutions to your organization accordingly.

Get end-to-end visibility and complete control of your data storage resources

7edge cloud backup remote backup
Remote Backup

Our consultants provide continuous, incremental and complete system backup solutions for your data, applications, partitions and servers on the cloud onto remote servers in a secure way through automated processes.

7edge cloud backup storage recovery
Storage Recovery

We help you recover your data quickly with minimum downtime from the backup servers in the event of rollbacks, disaster or outage in the primary data centre.

7edge cloud backup hybrid backup
Hybrid Backup

Our experienced consultants can provide hybrid backup solutions where you can store your important data on remote servers as well as local devices for operations requiring quick data retrieval.

7edge cloud backup backup monitoring
Backup Monitoring

Creating a data backup includes ensuring that the backup is happening as per plan. We help in continuous monitoring of the cloud backup and alerting to ensure the safety and security of backed up data and systems.

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