Cloud cost optimization

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Control cloud costs by automating and better managing resources

Cloud usage comes with several costs. Hence, as businesses move to the cloud, management and optimization of these costs becomes a critical consideration. Knowing how to control your cloud spending can help you have significant cost savings and fuel revenue opportunities while not doing right can prove expensive for your business.

We help organizations use the full potential the cloud has to offer while not having to worry about the costs by offering a range of solutions to effectively manage their cloud resources, cope up with the varying nature of costs and automating processes.


Better visibility

Efficient usage

Why Businesses Choose Us for Cloud cost optimization?

Our Approach

At 7EDGE, we believe in following proven methods to identify, monitor and optimize costs. Our solutions for businesses cover the entire cloud journey from identifying cloud suitability, researching cost trends to optimizing resource capacity and automating repetitive tasks to provide better results.

Realize Maximum Cost Savings with our end-to-end offerings

7edge cost optimization assessment

Cost optimization starts right from the time you decide to choose a cloud service. Our consultants analyze the different cost variables involved from service provider cost to changing price trends and help you choose the right buying strategies to achieve significant savings.

7edge cost optimization capacity usage optimization
Capacity Usage Optimization

Organizations lose a significant part of their cloud spend due to inefficient usage of their cloud capacity. Our experts help you optimize your usage capacity, eliminate wastage and save on cloud expenses.

7edge cost optimization automated scheduling
Automated Scheduling

Instances on public cloud that are not turned off when being unused can burn a hole in your pocket. Our consultants leverage automation to help you schedule the turn on/off times of instances as per your need.

7edge cost optimization continuous monitoring
Continuous Monitoring

Our consultants can help you continuously measure, monitor and improve your cloud utilization and implement cost savings.

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