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Super-fast analytics that identify and resolve failures and provide precise results for queries

Data logs are crucial as they provide important insights into the performance of your cloud network over time so that problems can be identified and resolved. However, with increasing log collection rates and retention cycles, retrieval and analysis of these logs can become a complex process.

Our log archive management services ensure that your cloud network activity data is not only managed efficiently but is also converted into a meaningful form during retrieval to enable speedy analysis and problem resolution.

Real-time data insights

Data security

Reduced risks

Better visibility

Why Businesses Choose Us for Log Archive Management?

Simplified approach

Our managed services offer a simplified way to archive and manage log data, retrieve, analyze and generate reports to ensure enhanced security.

Everything your business needs to control and manage data logs

7edge log archive management data extraction
Data Extraction

We help you extract log files and critical event data from log archives, and convert them into an intelligible format to make data more comprehensible and actionable.

7edge log archive management data analysis and risk assessment
Data analysis and Risk Assessment

Our experts help analyze system performance and events from the archived logs, identify risks, create reports, do a root cause analysis of the problems and provide you suitable solutions.

7edge log archive management archive management and optimization
Archive Management and Optimization

We help in archiving and managing important event logs which includes collection of logs, safely storing them, normalizing them and analyzing them to resolve problems or optimize system performance.

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