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We develop smart software applications for mobile devices to help enterprises interact more efficiently with their customers, in a tech savvy world.

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Software applications that facilitate and nurture online relationships with customers

While you have an excellent web application that works well for your customers, that is not sufficient in a world which is increasingly moving towards smartphones, handheld devices and wearables. Developing an application that works on smartphones has become necessary as it provides businesses an opportunity to create more visibility, engagement and build customer loyalty.

Our customized, scalable and cross-platform mobile applications help you grow and nurture valuable relationships with your customers while helping you achieve your revenue goals.

Enhanced user experience

Multi-platform access (social, other etc.)

Better access to information (videos, gifs, articles etc.)

Why Businesses Choose Us for Mobile application development

Custom User Experience

Our extensive experience in having developed custom mobile applications for an exhaustive list of clients has given us the skills and expertise to work with any challenging mobile application development project.

Industry best practices

Our expert developers combine their skills and experience with industry best practices to provide the best mobile application for your business needs.

Business specific mobile application development services

7edge mobile application development android development
Android Development

Be it social media or business solutions - we are known for developing powerful and highly usable Android compatible mobile applications to cater to your needs and reinforce your brand.

7edge mobile application development ios development
iOS Development

Not only do we specialize in developing mobile applications for Android phones but also beautiful, engaging and high-performing applications for iPhones and iPads that ensure top-notch service to your customers.

7edge mobile application development cross platform development
Cross-platform Development

Irrespective of the platform on smartphones and handheld devices, we have the ability to develop applications that perform across all platforms and devices without hiccups.

7edge mobile application development wearable devices
Wearable Devices

Newer technologies like wearable devices are making their way into the market and we have ensured that we are in-step with these technologies. Our consultants have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide custom wearable app solutions.

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