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Delight your customers and grow your in-store sales with localized and highly targeted messaging

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Technology solutions that convert potential customers into loyal customers

Proximity marketing is a powerful way of targeting potential customers through engaging, contextually relevant and tailored mobile ads and prompting them to make more in-store purchases when they are in a shopping zone, thereby growing your sales.

Our solutions utilize mobile technology to boost in-store traffic, identify interested and loyal customers in the store’s proximity and what interests them when they enter a particular store environment. This helps you transform your in-store customer experience and make smart business decisions. Our solutions also enable you to analyze product and store performance as well as sales and customer behavior for quick decision-making.

Hyper Localized

Hyper Localized

Personalized Messages

Personalized Messages

Transformed In-store Experience

Transformed In-store Experience

Why Trust Us for Proximity Marketing

Advanced yet affordable solutions

While we believe in leveraging the latest tools and technologies to implement our solutions, we also keep an eye on the affordability factor of our solutions. Our sophisticated yet economical solutions ensure that our customers are able to implement them.

Technology experience

Our vast experience in understanding customer behavior and developing technology platforms enable us to enhance your customer experience while growing your retail business.

Business Use cases for Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing in Retail Stores
Retail Stores

Retail stores are classic examples where contextual messages and recommendations can be sent out to customers based on their shopping choices to enhance their experience while boosting your sales.

Proximity Marketing in Airport

Airports witness huge footfalls by passengers. Our solutions convert their waiting time into revenue opportunities for you by using context-based messaging based on the location of the user.

Proximity Marketing in Automotive Showrooms

Automotive showrooms can utilize real-time data about customers from their showroom activity to offer them customized features as well as upsell while maximizing sale conversions.

Business benefits realized through our solution

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