DevOps cycle

DevOps is a recent regime that combines Automation and Monitoring on the IT side to enhance Agile Delivery models and influences Cloud computing ideas.

DevOps empowers collaboration, tool-chain pipelines, automation and Cloud adoption.

Clearly, it scores on better processes,more standardizations, building trust and improving productivity across development, QA and IT operations teams.

Know-hows of DevOps

  • Quicker Approach

  • Better Quality

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Strengthens Business Modules through Seamless Integration and Constant Delivery of Products.

  • Betters infrastructure planning through automated deployments and self service portals.

  • Fastens Distributions by structuring development and operations with Business Architecture principles.

  • Betters Output Performance Examination and Analytical Business Management through Automation, Development and Collaboration.

  • Empowers Service Delivery, Automation of Dev + QA + Ops Processes.

What 7EDGE DevOps Platform caters to and takes care of

7EDGE has devised a DevOps platform that not just offers application/service development, testing, deployment, scaling and monitoring but also ensures software quality, security, availability, reliability and performance.

In the current scenario, 7EDGE DevOps Cloud Platform can help solve critical business case in following areas:

DevOps Driven Engineering

Infrastructure Automation

Cloud Management

Cloud Command Centre

  • DevOps Empowered Engineering for Seamless Integration.

  • Infrastructure Autonetics for Cloud and Private Data Centre Support.

  • Cloud Management for Application Release Orchestration and Cloud Recipes.

  • Cloud Command Centre for Performance Tracking and Optimizations, Dedicated Corrective Activity, Business Operations Tracking

How can enterprises use the DevOps Platform?

7EDGE DevOps platform is available in both On-Premise and Hosted mode.That helps support
multiple Private and Public Cloud lineups.

Development Zone

  • Release Planning

    Dev Manager Workbench

  • Code Coverage

    Single Sign On (SSO)

    Code Review

  • Service Desk

    Defect Management

    Build Management

Custom Build Platform

Operations Zone

  • DevOps Engine

    Infrastructure Planning

  • Deep Diagnostics

    Synthetic Monitoring

    Operational Intelligence

  • Deployment Engine

    Hybrid Cloud Management

    Enterprise Provisioning

Standard SAAS Offering

Integration Layer

Helping Large Enterprises Adopt A Roadmap for Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Key elements of the DevOps Platform

The DevOps Platform is created with an architecture structured around the following key touch points. At the moment it supports two technology stacks:

Open Source based tools with support for Private and Public Clouds

Microsoft Software Stack of Tools on Azure

  • Planning and Collaboration
  • Code Repository
  • Monitoring
  • Build and Orchestration
  • Configuration Management for Provisioning
  • Test Management and Automation Suite

deployment environments

7EDGE DevOps Ecosystem

  • Seo Technology Google
  • Treat infrastructure as code, and get better, deeper collaboration between dev, ops, InfoSec and networking
  • New Relic