Analytics is the intermediary between data collection and information understanding.

The analysis of Customer Drive is the core to improve business and performance. Customers don’t stick to a particular pattern when they go for a product or service. They start comparing offers and dig in for more benefits. For companies to analyze holistic customer drives, different channels and touchpoints are important to make the most of their business opportunities.The point of initiation begins with the measurement and analysis of digital patterns of the consumers along different touch points.

Our services include

  • Analytics Roadmap
  • Business Requirements Definition
  • Vendor Selection
  • Tag Management & Auditing
  • Implementation
  • KPIs and Reports Distribution
  • Data Governance
  • Quality Assessment
  • Training
  • Ad hoc Analysis
  • Data Integration
Web Analytics

We think of solutions that are feasible for everyone. We therefore, at 7EDGE have created an interbred model of solution to help achieve your goals in the best of manners. This process includes creating a dashboard for easy-to-use data & reports, identifying a vendor, defining KPIs, and customize analytical tools for the better.

7EDGE takes pride in providing a better know-how of all the technologies and methodologies in the field.

Business Essentials Interpretation

First and foremost, companies need the right ammunition for the right channel.The choice of ammunition is the first step. Not only for those who are in the market for a new web analytics solution but also for who is looking to move up from a free or entry level offering.

For this reason 7EDGE support companies choice by first analyzing together their business requirements.

Business Requirements Definition


  • No Page Code
  • Self Care Tracking
  • Tag Management Solution


  • Self Care Tracking
  • Internal Search Keywords Tracking
  • User id Tracking


  • Social Tracking
  • ATI Campaign Tracking
  • AdServer Integration


  • Order Tracking
  • Cart Steps Tracking
  • Paid Campaigns Tracking


  • Excecutive Reporting
  • Weekly Scoreboard
  • Ad Hoc Analytics

7EDGE helps companies to gather all the relevant marketing and business essentials. When the business essentials are lucid and distributed, 7EDGE comes out with an effective solution.

Execution & Data Calibre

When the analytics framework is established, the assemblage structure needs to be rightly set up. Companies need to rightly specify goals with specific business targets and not just calculate and monitor anything and everything.

Impact of Inaccurate Data

In order to tap correctly and rightly opportunities for your business and to supersede common IT inhibitions,
7EDGE offers relevant tag management solutions.

It’s really important to be sure about data accuracy and integrity because data quality will affect all future analysis and following decisions. To maintain data accuracy, look for a solution featuring filtering, auditing and data sanity checks, which enable you to accept only transaction data within certain defined ranges to minimize bad data.

Inaccurate Data Impact Graph

Detailing & Ad Hoc Assaying

Inaccurate Data Impact Graph

In order to track the business, the detailing converts raw data into information in order to monitor the business.

The output includes canned reports, scorecards, dashboards, alerts, monthly KPI. The Ad Hoc Assaying follows a pull approach that includes in-depth analysis,dispensing important discoveries and counselling.