The Cloud can make Your Business more Agile

In today’s world, businesses must be more agile than ever before to compete more effectively and more efficiently. So that they can respond more quickly to immediate demands and better anticipate challenges ahead.To address these challenges, businesses are increasingly transforming their operations with comprehensive cloud service strategies

From on-demand IT infrastructure and security services to contact center and VoIP services, 7EDGE offers a plethora of cloud-based services.
Not only 7EDGE cloud services can help you better the delivery and management of services, but can also help improve your bottom line.

7EDGE cloud services score on:

  • Pay only for what you you use with scalable IT infrastructure and services.
  • Reduce capital expenditures and improve operational efficiency by doing away with the purchase and maintenance of network security equipment & communications.
  • Rapidly implement network security effectively and quickly provide services like VoIP and contact center to employees.
  • Improve existing locations with new technology and effectively deploy services to new locations and employees.


By magnitude

What’s right for your business is in the solutions we offer

Enterprice Business

Enterprise Business

7EDGE offers your enterprise a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enables you to operate more promptly & effectively.

Medium Businessicn

Medium Business

7EDGE forwards your business from intelligent wide area networks to SIP trunking, from cloud computing to network security and more.

Small Business

7EDGE offers the right solutions for your business from high-speed Internet access to bundled VoIP, Internet, and web hosting in one simple package.

Wholesale Business

7EDGE offers wholesale IP transit and high-speed network solutions to aptly cater to the explosive bandwidth demands driven by cloud, video and mobility.

By Necessity

What’s needed by your business is in the services we provide

Move to the Cloud

With flexible and scalable cloud-based IT infrastructure, VoIP and network security services, you can help your organization to be more agile.

Build a More Intelligent Network

With a smarter wide area network solution, you can stay ahead with better performance, security and visibility.

Find the Right VoIP Solution

With an expert advice, you can better understand which VoIP, SIP Trunking or Hosted PBX solution will work best for your company.

Be More Secure

With the right advice, you can counter security threats to your company and configure solutions to secure your network more easily.

Increase Efficiencies

With more efficient tools, you can help increase the performance of your applications, content, network and websites.

Improve Customer Relationships

With top-of-the-line solutions, you can manage your customer relationships efficiently, attract new customers and keep customers happy.

By Trade

What’s important for your business to succeed is in the the real-world experiences we create


7EDGE offers you the right expertise & solutions from retail banking operations to high-speed automated trading systems.


7EDGE betters patient care with the right technology provider.

Media and Entertainment

7EDGE caters to the demands of digital content anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Professional Services

7EDGE provides technology solutions for accounting, engineering, legal and other professional services agencies.


7EDGE connects store operations more effectively and improves customer service.


The faster, better & more effective way to move to the Cloud

Hosted PBX

7EDGE Hosted PBX gives you superb VoIP call quality while reducing your initial and ongoing costs. Hosted PBX lets you future-proof your infrastructure by ensuring that you always have the most current features and functionality.

Contact Center on Demand

With Contact Center on Demand from 7EDGE, minimize your upfront and ongoing costs, manage your resources more effectively, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

Our robust cloud-based solutions let you scale infrastructure as necessary to match your call volume, our monitoring and reporting tools make it easy to track and report on campaign results, agent performance, and more.

Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud provides a virtual cloud platform on which customers can run mission critical applications with options to connect through 7EDGE’s private network as well as the ability to logically dedicate compute resources to achieve maximum performance.

Cloud Drive

Store, share, synchronize and collaborate on business contact and files. Share files between users and devices (supports iOS, Android, Mobile Web, Windows, Mac and Linux).

Cloud Vault

Backup data from both 7EDGE Enterprise Cloud Platform as well as premise-based servers and desktops. Automate and simplify backup services for businesses with multiple locations or complex, distributed IT environments.

Cloud Backup

Facilitate business continuity and efficiency by ensuring that your data is always protected and available with Cloud Backup services from 7EDGE.

Web Hosting

You can count on 7EDGE for hosting anything from simple websites to complex applications, as well as all of your web, email and DNS needs.

Our business web hosting service provides the hardware, software, network connections, data centers and customer support your business demands.

Hosted Security

Hosted Security from 7EDGE offers an end-to-end security solution that is affordable and easy to use. Hosted Security lets you protect your infrastructure and applications from security threats, while centralizing network security controls and policies from across your network.

7EDGE Bandwidth-on-Demand

Allows your network to automatically scale to accommodate bandwidth demand via a usage based approach for 7EDGE MPLS IP-VPN and 7EDGE VPLS wide area networking services.