about us

We believe in internet first and take on every challenge together as one team. We are a team that’s determined to explore and create solutions. The impact of our efforts over the years can be seen in the incredible team, an impressive client roster and above all a fantastic work environment that we have, which makes us a great place for thinkers who believe in doing.

Internet first to us means a belief in its ability to transform the lives of brands, businesses, and the world at large.Which is exactly why we are committed to harness its power for our clients and employees. We believe that having been a part of the evolution of the internet, we are firmly placed to deliver value with the knowledge that we have accumulated. Work with us, and be part of this amazing journey that we have embarked upon.

core values

As a team, we believe in the power of initiative at every level. Productivity to us means a constant process of evaluation, examination, and analysis that helps us address and cater to our clients’ needs. Our team is no stranger to creativity which we define as result-oriented thinking across domains. Knowledge, by means of a range of internal facing initiatives helps our employees believe in themselves and exhibit leadership traits on a frequent basis. We know that collaboration is a key aspect of any team and have out it to practice across levels. As a team, and an organisation, transparency dictates all transactions inside and outside and it shows in the trust displayed by our clients. We live up to every single promise that we make thanks to our focus on reliability. As an organisation, we completely adhere to high standards of quality that has helped differentiate ourselves as experts in this domain. These 7 core values are what have defined, and will continue to define life at 7EDGE for employees, partners, and customers.


What we firmly believe and practice: Our success mantra for our employees lies in taking initiatives, going the extra mile, and finding better ways of fulfilling work.


We adapt. We master. We evolve. With every work we accomplish.


In the world of internet, everything’s changing at the speed of thought. And our quest for knowledge is paramount.


Together we create the difference. Because we embrace the benefits of collaborating with one another.


Know your results. See how every hour is spent on your account in real time. We make sure we don’t mislead and hide anything from our customers. Because we believe in 100% transparency.


We always keep our promises in everything we do.


Expect nothing less than the best from us. Because we expect high-quality work from our team, translating to high-quality work for our customers.