How We Help Entrepreneurs Accelerate

While starting a business is relatively easy, growing and scaling it is a real challenged. Moreover, the internet is growing at a rapid rate and nearly all aspects of a business are forced to move online. This has the changed the way entrepreneurs do their business and hence, every forward-thinking entrepreneur should be thinking of making the maximum of what the internet has to offer.

As an Internet First company, we use our internet expertise and experience to enable entrepreneurs to accelerate and simplify the next steps of their growth journey, address the challenges they face, scale their businesses and become global market leaders through consulting across various aspects of their business, support for internet technologies and through deep insights.

The following are a few ways in which we empower entrepreneurs.

architecture framework

Architecture Framework

An enterprise architecture that is robust and the same time agile is a necessity and a fundamental requirement for businesses to incorporate internal changes as the external dynamics of the information age change. A good enterprise architecture also enables an organization to align its strategies, systems and processes with the business intentions.

Our enterprise architecture solutions and frameworks ensure that your direct information technology costs are reduced while your savings are improved through minimization of duplication of efforts, cost avoidance and reduced risks while realizing faster benefits and speeding up time to value.

technology verification

Idea & Technology Verification

Every entrepreneur has an idea that can change or disrupt the market. Having said that, they need validation to see if the idea or product is suitable for the market even before planning the financial and commercial viability. The idea also needs verification before gathering capital and resources as well as for marketing and selling the idea. Verification is one of the most important and time-consuming parts of the product development lifecycle and can be a quite complex activity. This poses challenges to many entrepreneurs.

Our expert and well-experienced consultants help you in verifying your ideas, technology, security and compliance. We also evaluate the possibility of bringing your product idea into market while ensuring that great ideas do make it to the market.

Minimum Viable Product Planning

Minimum Viable Product Planning

Most times, entrepreneurs are stuck up with the idea of providing a product or service replete with all the features they have envisioned. This can be overwhelming and may cause unnecessary delays in bringing the product or offering to the market. In reality, being lean and agile is the theme of today’s entrepreneurial success where the approach is to get into the market early with a minimum viability product and take the feedback early. This helps in reducing development costs while getting an immediate idea on what the market really wants. It also helps you release a product that can be further developed based on market feedback and validation so that it can better serve customers.

As leading technology consultants, we can help you select the right things that can be created as a minimum viable product so that you can get to the market faster and continue developing product and solutions that your customers truly want.

Technology Stack Selection

Technology Stack Selection

Choosing a technology stack is an important exercise an entrepreneur needs to do in order to develop and power their product as it eliminates unnecessary and significant future technology costs. However, selecting the right technology stack is often a hard decision for entrepreneurs. Moreover, the options can become overwhelming if the entrepreneur is from a non-technical background as they are fearful of investing in the wrong tools and technologies and having serious consequences in the future, most often in the form of financial losses.

Our consultants make it easier for you to navigate through the technology stack minefield. We cut down the jargons and provide you the necessary information and insights about the right softwares, technologies and frameworks that will put your business on the path you intend it to be.

Development Method Plan

Development Method Planning

The course of product engineering has long moved away from the traditional waterfall model towards agile model. This means that the traditional step-by-step development methodology has to change and instead, appropriate models and methodologies have to be adopted for executing product development cycles.

Our consultants can guide you about what has worked in similar cases and what things may not work. They can also help you identify the models and methodologies that are suitable for your product and business.

Managed Cloud

ioT platform

The world is getting increasingly smarter every day with more devices getting connected to each other with the help of the internet. From smartphones, the world is now moving towards the internet of things (IoT) where mechanical and electronic devices can interact with each other while bringing humans a wave of new data points. Several entrepreneurs and organizations are looking to bring these innovations into their offerings to solve customer challenges and deliver value.

At 7EDGE, we help you integrate these innovations into your product and service offerings. We help you create an IoT strategy as well as plan the smartness of your products. With our extensive knowledge in IoT, we also enable you to integrate the right kind of sensors into your offerings while helping you gain smart insights and create smart applications.

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