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New Software Product Development

To design the right software for your needs, we have an expert team of developers proficient in Cloud, DevOps, Microservices, ReactJS, AngularJS, NodeJS, Python, Native Android, Native iOS, React Native and several other technologies. We follow Agile & Scrum methodologies to continuously and iteratively build your resolution.

Your custom software can deliver outstanding user experience with Cloud-technology through the possibility to integrate any new feature into your software anytime.

Key Focus Areas

  • Product design & coding
  • Product testing & launching
  • Product maintenance

Legacy Modernization

Migrate your firm's legacy applications from monolithic to microservices architecture and enhance the performance of your digital ecosystem. With our team's skill & expertise in microservices, we can engineer your bespoke software to achieve speed, scalability and optimal utilization of resources - which has an overall effect on improving productivity & data security, and reduces costs.

Depending on the requirements for your project, we can select and combine different approaches to legacy modernisation to develop your software to its best version for your business goals.

Key Focus Areas

  • Re-platform
  • Re-architect
  • Re-factor

Application Maintenance

You need the right mix of services and support to ensure your operations run hassle-free workflows; enhance performance, productivity, and user-experience of your apps.

Our services support the monitoring, maintenance, and security of the application. Our company adopts the right processes, technologies, and tools to simplify your web and mobile IT security and lower the cost of compliance. By closely monitoring the status of your applications we can resolve any tech-related issues proactively and in the shortest time possible, to make sure that your busines never underperforms.

Key Focus Areas

  • Application and performance monitoring
  • Security audit on application dependencies
  • Monthly web application vulnerability tests
  • Bug fixing

Cross Platform Deployment

Choosing the right platform strategy will help you tie up all loose end and enable a great user experience. We can ensure fast development & deployment of your applications using cross-platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter. These leading technologies let us write a single shared data layer that could be used in both mobile platforms- iOS and Android, saving time and resources. Cross-platform apps could be created with any programming tool that is not native to an operating system.

Our specialists will help you make cognizant decisions through detailed analysis of your needs and expectations from the software, and innovatively design it to meet these goals.

Key Focus Areas

  • Platform migration
  • Platform re-engineering
  • Application re-platforming
  • API integration

Data Analytics and Information Management

The best way for your business to acquire new customers is to leverage your data and information library the right way. Our data management experts can provide intuitive insights to gather, organize, analyze, and present data. We facilitate the hassle-free exchange of information between partnering apps with advanced security standards on the web.

We collect in-depth analytics concerning your applications from various platforms where they are deployed. Using data visualisation techniques, predictive analysis and other ways to evaluate and interpret your complex data, we can sharpen your existing strategies to boost productivity and recommend new ideas for promoting business growth.

Our analytics make your seamless transaction from bare technological solutions to promising business-driven outcomes possible through bespoke software. It further delivers automation, AI-based results, and improved scalability in companies.

Technology Expertise

The right technology stack is the foundation of your custom software. We build your software with the latest & top core technologies, to suit any type of application.





Native Android

Native iOS

React Native

Cloud Native


Why Develop With Us

Develop Future-Proof Applications

You'll need your project to be architected with best-in-class solutions for your business - so that the performance of your applications not only match flexible market dynamics, but are also future-proof. Our team can efficiently implement latest technologies and practices like Cloud, Microservices, Containerisation etc to design the best software for your current and predicteable needs.

"The company is futuristic and technology driven. They are good at showing what they do."

Swagat Choudhury

Head of Digital, Diageo

Accelerate Time-to-Market

When you create and/or replace core systems and platforms with a good Cloud-Native ecosystem you can accelerate digital transformations, and rapidly build new capabilities to help you respond to market and technology shifts. We can engineer your project with an agile framework that ensures faster results, scalability, and stability.

"The product is seamless, working efficiently. Their project management style was great. 7EDGE met all deadlines."

Adithya Mallya

Director, Yowza Consulting

Reduce OpEx

When you become Agile & Cloud-Native based, you can pivot costs quickly and efficiently, and pace your investments with value realisation. Our team of experts can develop bespoke software end-to-end including design, technology choices, architecture, and operations in order to capture cost efficiencies by scaling capacity as needed.

"We wanted to augment technology from cost center into profit center. I liked their “solve the problem” approach, and think they are highly aligned with global processes in their field."

Anoop Menon

Principal Director, Accenture

Our Custom Software Development Process

Software Development FAQs

When you have an idea to actualize as a successful business model, you need to have the right kind of technical support to achieve your goals.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while evaluating the software development services company before you hire them:

  • Does the company have prior experience relevant to your project requirements? Ask them questions about similar projects they have implemented, and also check their reviews on platforms like Goodfirms & Clutch.
  • Does the company's engineering team have the technological expertise you require? For example, if you need to design your framework Could-Native based, check if they offer Cloud-technology services.
  • Keep in mind the company's team size - too small and you risk bandwidth crunch and not enough support, too large and your project might not get enough attention. Ensure you're working with software development partners that have a team size based on your requirement.
As an established software development services company, we aim to architect, engineer and develop software or software applications end-to-end - identifying requirements, designing the framework, coding, and performace audits. We provide custom software development services for Offshore, Nearshore and Outsourcing requirements wordwide and predominanty across some of the major locations and largest states in the USA - New York, Austin & Houston (Texas), San Francisco & San Diego (California), Florida, Chicago, Denver, Kansas, & Washington, etc.

Following are a few of the activties our agency undertakes:

  • Developing digital solutions to business challenges - full scale software and applications designed & developed to solve for consumer problems
  • Construct useful programs - software that can perform multiple functions, and fulfils integrated purposes to improve efficiency
  • Technical insights - research and expert consulting based on analytics and insights, to elevate the client's software and increase business productivity
  • We are an AWS Certified Partner, Top Rated on Clutch, and recognised as a leading developer by GoodFirms.
Being among the Top 10 rated Developers in America, we help our clients, with critical know-how to provide a comprehensive understanding on how a specific software application would benefit their business. Based on the project requirement, our team checks for feasibility, creates a detailed plan and product roadmap with Proof-of-Concept for the development of software and applications.

Here are some of our development offerings, and the technologies we use to engineer your product:

Service Offerings

  • Modern Application Development (Custom Software | Mobile App)
  • Cloud-Native
  • Serverless
  • Microservices & Event-driven architecture
  • Data and Analytics
  • AI & Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Migration and Modernisation (Application Modernisation)


  • Node.JS
  • Python
  • Angular & AngularJS
  • React JS
  • Java & Javascript
  • Django
  • MEAN Stack & MERN Stack
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Laravel
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is the foundation of all software development methodologies that include different processes like requirement preparation, budget estimation, documentation writing, design & development, testing, maintenance and audit.

There are 7 phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):

  • Planning - a team of developers and consultants determines project goals and a detailed plan including feasibility assessment, project plan creation and systemic identification for development
  • Analysis - the client and development team analyze the end-consumer business requirements and convert the project goals into a framework that the organization wants to build, through business requirement collection detailed analysis implementation and processes diagram design
  • Design - Desired features and functionalities of a software application are hashed out in the design phase - including business rules, screen layouts, pseudo-code and other documentation defining the components of the software. This phase usually comprises of IT Infrastructure Designing, System Model Designs, Technical Designs, User Interfaces and Marvel Prototype
  • Development - Developers write the code at the backend of a software application so that all the components finalised on are remodeled into a functioning framework, through two primary processes - IT Infrastructure Development and Code and Database Development
  • Testing - All code elements are integrated and hosted in the testing environment to check the system for bugs, defects and errors to test the system’s functionalities. This phase involves test cases creation and execution
  • Deployment - The system is brought to the real-life environment where the user starts operating the system and involves placing all data and components in the production environment
  • Support and Maintenance - Corrections, changes and enhancements can be made to ensure that the system will perform after the updates and meet the business goals. Supporting the system users, regular maintenance and updates are essential to manage and upgrade the software from time to time so that it runs seamlessly in the future.


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