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  • 7EDGE Partnership with Puppet
  • Partnership with Puppet

    Puppet is driving the movement to a world of unconstrained software change. Its revolutionary platform is the industry standard for automating the delivery and operation of the software that powers everything around us.

  • 7EDGE Partnership with Amazon Web Services
  • Partnership with Amazon Web Services

    7EDGE effectively deploys this large suite of secure, highly scalable, cloud computing services that offer compute power, database storage, content delivery and other business functionality. By leveraging AWS cloud products and solutions, we build sophisticated applications with increased flexibility, scalability and reliability.

    The right scale of computing capacity can be deployed quickly and economically.

  • 7EDGE Partnership with HubSpot
  • Partnership with HubSpot

    Our partnership with HubSpot helps us leverage the best of inbound marketing - strategies, methodologies, best practices - to help acquire high quality leads, lower customer acquisition costs and boost engagement across digital channels.

  • 7EDGE Partnership with Adobe
  • Partnership with Adobe

    Our Adobe Partnership assists us in creating Digital Marketing Solutions tailored to our clients' needs. Adobe software and services form an integral part of the online experience.

    Our expertise helps develop and deliver this experience faster.

  • 7EDGE Partnership with New Relic
  • Partnership with New Relic

    Our partnership with New Relic enables us to make sense of billions of data points in real time. Using a comprehensive SaaS-based solution to provide a single powerful interface for web and native mobile applications enables consolidation of all performance metrics.

    We enhance your brand and customer experience by providing insight into your overall environment.

  • 7EDGE Partnership with Docker
  • Partnership with Docker

    The use of Docker enables 7EDGE to develop distributed applications using a completely open platform. We build, run and deploy, portable and cloud ready containerised solutions that make the Internet "programmable".

    This is the next generation of PaaS.

  • 7EDGE Partnership with Times Internet
  • Partnership with Times Internet

    Times Internet is the largest Indian Internet network and the digital venture of the Times of India group. Our partnership with Times Internet helps us collaborate and work towards helping businesses reach new audiences, manage digital campaigns at scale, and derive superior actionable insights from customer data.

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