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Enrich Your Campaigns with People Based Intelligence

In today’s connected world where data pertaining to people is available in abundance across digital platforms and channels, B2B marketers still struggle to find the true identity of their target audience. This is because the data is fragmented across digital touchpoints and marketers find it hard to piece together all this information about their prospective decision maker and gain one comprehensive view. This calls for a solution that helps them identify the actual person behind the devices and platforms so that they can deliver more relevant and personalized experiences.

People7 is a people based marketing solution that goes beyond cookies and devices, identifies the real person behind these devices and platforms, and brings together their identity, functional as well as intent data to give you one single view of your ideal audience so that you can deliver personalized campaigns for them leading to better ROI.

People7 Strategy

People7 takes a 5-step approach - identify, segment, expand, target and verify, to identify the right decision makers and influencers in your target accounts and deliver them highly individualized campaigns that matter to them.

An Account Based Marketing Approach to Deliver Results

Traditional B2B demand generation takes a siloed approach where the marketing and sales functions have little coordination between them, thus leading to poor customer experience. An account based marketing approach brings together these two business functions together giving rise to better alignment and cooperation thus creating more sales opportunities.

Demand Generation

What Makes up People7

People7 uses a powerful combination of first party, second party and third party data to acquire the identity, functional and intent data of the decision maker, programmatic advertising to deliver targeted advertisements to your intended audience and a verification mechanism that analyzes and ensures delivery of your campaigns to the right audience at the right time.

Deliver Contextual and Personalized Campaigns

People7 uses programmatic advertising to serve your intended business audience ad creatives, content and campaigns that are dynamically optimized based on effectual data segmentation, across digital platforms and web properties that are relevant to them.

People7 Benefits

People7 empowers B2B marketers to identify the ideal people, reach out to them and deliver a cohesive experience across all digital touchpoints, while curtailing costs and achieving better ROI.

Faster campaign setup times with Programmatic Advertising(1)

70 percent of marketers reported that programmatic yields a greater return on investment than traditional ad buying(2)

Reduction in Cost-per-lead through Intent and Functional Targeting(3)

Sources: (1) BCG, (2) AdWeek, (3) Bombora


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