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Enabling agility in your software development lifecycle through cloud technology and infrastructure management

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We manage your infrastructure to help you increase your software development efficiency

DevOps and cloud technology are at the heart of agile methodology for software engineering. However, managing your infrastructure to support them is complex and challenging. It also involves investing significant effort and resources to enhance the knowledge of your in-house team. Why not instead, let the experts take care of it for you?

At 7EDGE, we closely work with your engineers and architects to help them successfully leverage the benefits of the cloud environment. Our DevOps consulting and managed cloud services ensure that the cloud works smoothly and efficiently to make your software development and delivery truly agile.

Transformational offerings for every need

DevOps consulting and managed cloud services focused on containerization


We help containerize your applications, deploy them on the platform of your choice in a short time and take care of the entire container platform for you.

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DevOps consulting and managed cloud services that involve Infrastructure Monitoring

Infrastructure Monitoring

We regularly monitor your IT infrastructure’s health and provide you suitable suggestions and solutions to quickly resolve issues that are affecting its performance.

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offering managed cloud services for Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Our consultants help automate your infrastructure to enhance its visibility, agility, speed and cost efficiency to meet your evolving business goals.

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consultants delivering managed cloud offerings tailored for Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring

We continuously monitor your application’s health, identify problems that may be affecting its performance and provide you suitable solutions to fix them.

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delivering managed cloud services for ci cd in devops

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

We enable you to develop your code, test it and deliver it faster and continuously to meet your customer’s changing requirements.

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consultants offering devops and managed cloud services

Managed Cloud Services

We offer the leading-edge managed cloud services to help enterprises leverage the business benefits of the cloud.

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